Android Developer Course App Roundup

Here’s a few recently published apps from students of the Android N Developer Course. We can only cover a few apps when we do these roundsups but a big well done to everyone who has published an app recently! Getting your app on the marketplace is a great accomplishment. If you’ve published an app please do let us know!

Bunk Manager

This app does not by any means endorse or condone avoiding attendance for the classroom which the name may suggest. The app is an attendance management app. It allows you to enter the subjects which hate the most, set your attendance limit and it will tell you how many classes you can get away with bunking or need to attend. Your attendance will automatically backup up everytime you update your attendance.

So an interesting app which has had a few dozen downloads in a very short period of time. Maybe there’s a demand for this type of app?! You can take a look at the Bunk Manager app on the Google Play Store here.


Your Places -Find Places & Attractions

If you like travelling, planning a trip or just looking for a new cafe or some new place then “YourPlaces” app is created for you!

With “YourPlaces – Find Places & Attractions” you can find new interesting places only with few steps and see all available information about it – photos, address, phone, site, and opening hours. You can use a list of recommendations and find places by categories such as banks’s, cafe’s, hotels, restaurants, and many others!

The Your Places app is available on the Play Store.


What’s That Word? Word puzzles solver

This is a fast a word puzzle game where you pick the known or possible letters, and the app will quickly find you the appropriate word options from more than 400 000 words. And you can play this without having an data connection!

This app will help you to quickly find words for such popular games as crosswords, Scandinavian crosswords, Wheel of Fortune, Scrabble, rebus, pictorial puzzles, etc. The dictionary includes not only regular words, but also abbreviations and names.

You can get this app from the Play Store here.

Where U At?

“Where U At?” is an easy to use app that enables you to track family, friends and work colleagues. It is free and contains NO adds or in-app purchases.

You can create different groups of people or join groups created by other people. You can only see locations of people to whose group you belong to. This allows you to keep your groups separate and private. For example, you can track family and friends, but having them in separate groups means they can’t see each other.

Once a group is created by yourself, others can join by using the same group name and group password, that you provide them. Sounds great for group excursions! Checkout Where U App here.


This is quite an innovative app which allows you to remotely start your motor vehicle with your Android device. The author has created a demo which you can checkout with this link. It’s a keyless remote start app which does require some additional hardware too but I think everyone would agree that it’s quite a good looking at.

The author Ezekiel Samuel Brooks says he is a self taught hardware and software developer. Not bad for his first mainstream app!

Sales and marketing executive.
3rd degree black belt in Taekwon-Do.
Lives at the gym.
Enjoys burgers and cake.
Likes fast cars and lie-ins.

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