The 6 Month Challenge Is Here (And $9 courses!)

The 6 Month Challenge is my completely free step by step guide to transforming your life through learning to code. For more details, and to sign up, go to

To celebrate, and to help you complete The 6 Month Challenge, I have a very special offer for you – my Web 2.0, iOS and Android courses are just $9 for the next 6 days. These courses have never been on sale for this price before, so it’s a pretty big deal!

You’ll need to use the special links below to get the courses for this price – they are not available at $9 anywhere else!

Buy The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 For $9

Buy The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course 2.0 For $9

Buy The Complete Android N Developer Course 2.0 For $9

I built the 6 Month Challenge to help my students change their lives using their new skills, and I hope it does that for you. If you have any questions, or would like to share your experience, please comment below.

Happy coding,


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the $9 promotion end?

The promotion lasts until 1st May 2017.

What courses are available?

My 3 most popular courses are available for $9: Web 2.0, iOS 10 and Android N. They are the three courses used in The 6 Month Challenge, so you can get everything you need to transform your life for just $27! You get lifetime access the courses, and all the extras, including free web hosting, a copy of How To Earn $10,000 While Learning To Code, $50 of AWS credit, and a lot more.

What is the process of buying a course?

Just click one of the links above, make a payment and you’ll be given a voucher code to access the course on for free.

I’ve lost my voucher code – what can I do?

No problem! Go to, click View Purchased Courses at the bottom of the page and enter the email address you used to pay. You’ll then see all the voucher codes for the courses you have purchased.

Why can’t I buy from Udemy directly?

Udemy has a minimum course price of $10, so we need to take payment for the course outside of

I have another question!

Just post below and I’ll reply on this page.


  1. Rafael

    Rob, if I buy the course from udemy, do I get The 6 Month Challenge from ?
    It’s better to me buying from there because I pay in my local currency.
    Thank you.

    • Rob (Author)

      Absolutely – the 6 Month Challenge is completely free to all, so you can buy the courses any way you like.

  2. Michael Wellman

    I mistakenly purchased the web developer course. I actually already have it. Is it possible to get a refund for it?

  3. Ben

    Hey Rob,
    I already have the Android Course on StackSkills. If I buy another one from here, are the codes solely for Udemy or is it possible to get one for StackSkills?
    Also is it possible to get these offers without paying by credit card?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Nicole

    Hi there – what are the prerequisites for these courses? I have no current coding knowledge and want to make sure I’d be able to jump in. Thanks!

  5. Joe

    Should I quit my job to take the challenge?

    • Rob (Author)

      Probably not! Wait until you’re a few months in and you feel confident you can generate an income from your work.

  6. I have paid for hosting on which expires in June 2017, can I add on the year of free hosting with the Android developer course on to that package? Also when does the 6 month challenge start? How much time commitment do you anticipate it will need as I am not sure I will have enough spare time?

    • Rob (Author)

      I’m afraid not – it’s a year per student. The challenge starts as soon as you sign up to it, I’d recommend 10-15 hours a week.

  7. Yanto

    How much time would I need daily/weekly, roughly, to complete the challenge? I don’t need an exact answer, but are we talking e.g. 5 hours a week or 5 hours a day?

  8. Monisha Baskaran

    I have the “The Complete Web Developer Course – Build 14 Websites” course purchased on Udemy. Is that same as the web developer course that you mentioned in the 6 months challenge? Do I have to buy it again?

    • Rob (Author)

      As with the above comments, you can use that one but I’d recommend upgrading to the 2.0 version as the old one is now very out of date.

      • Monisha Baskaran

        Quick follow up question : Do I have to have a facebook account and join the group on fb for the 6 month challenge?

  9. Hi Rob, I´m Federico from Argentina.
    I´m currently taking the The Complete Web Developer Course, but the first version you released. Is there much difference whit the 2.0 version? I took that course becouse I recived a discount and I payed $ 15 for it.
    I already singed up for the 6 month challenge, but I would like to know if It´s necesary to buy the Web 2.0 Course, or I can do it anyway whit the 1.0 version.
    Thanks a lot! Keep up the good quality work!

    • Rob (Author)

      It’s not necessary but I’d strongly recommend it – the original course is now very out of date and buggy, and the new one has a lot more content (and is generally better!)

  10. Peter Richards

    Hi Rob,
    I paid for the web developer course before and got so busy with life issues and could not continue. How could I continue or do I have to pay for the course again?
    I believe it was the previous version.

    • Rob (Author)

      It will still be in your Udemy account – if it was a while ago though you might want to buy the 2.0 version, it’s much more up to date.

  11. Lajoo Motwani

    What tools and equipment do I need for the Android course?

  12. Ajay

    Hi Rob,
    I live in India and I can’t pay internationally with my credit card. Do you have paypal?


  13. Ignacio

    Hi Rob, how are you? isthe same Curso de Desarrollo Web Completo 2.0 with The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0? thanks

  14. Adam

    After a course is purchased, how long does it take to get the voucher? Will it come through udemy, or straight to my email? Thanks!

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