iOS App Roundup

Here’s another roundup of apps created by students of the iOS Developer Course. Although there have been many apps released by students in the last few months, we can’t list them all, here are a few. Some interesting apps that are worth taking a look at. Well done to everybody who has released an app recently!

Blood Pressure Simple

Blood Pressure Simple lets you log your blood pressure and allows you to compare your blood pressure statistics over time. The app also aims to provide advice based on the readings the user feeds it, informing the users about their lifestyle decisions that could affect their blood pressure. Such as whether eating a heavy meal has a high, medium or low impact on their blood pressure.

So if you have concerns over your blood pressure and would like a record of your blood pressure over a period of time presented in a graph then this app could be what you’re after. It is a paid app, you can get it from the App Store here.


Emojis Hunter

Similar to the the popular Pokemon game, the Emojis Hunter game seems to be based on a similar concept, placing Emojis all over the map. And the objective is to catch as many Emojis as you can that are situated over the map.

This app may not catch on as well as the Pokemon game but the the app itself is quite an achievement!

You can check out this app on the App Store.


Flappy Voice

There aren’t many people who don’t know about the infamous Flappy Bird game from a few years ago. It was an extremely popular game and Rob has featured it as a clone on both the iOS and Android Developer Courses. There have been a few variations released but this one is certainly one of the most interesting!

In this game you control the bird with the pitch of your voice!  So this is a interesting way to play this variation of the infamous game.

If you would like to check out Flappy Voice you can get it from the App Store here.


Quottro Pong

For those who aren’t aware, Pong is one of the earliest arcade video games which resembled table tennis with players deflecting a ball from one side to another. Quottro Pong is based on traditional Pong but with a twist! In traditional Pong there are two paddles on each side on the screen you move vertically and the ball will bounce of the bottom and top of the screen. In Quaottro Pong the ball can bounce out the top and bottom of the screen so there are horizontal paddles you have to move from left to right to stop the ball going out. So in total there are four paddles.

You can heck out Quottro Pong with this link.


Digital Jukebox

Digital Jukebox accesses music stored in your iOS Music Library and allows you to auto DJ (play songs from a default playlist if no songs are queued) and customise crossfades between songs.

At the moment this app is only available for the iPad and it is a paid app but the author tells us that they are working on a free version with in app purchases.

You can check out Digital Jukebox on the App Store.


Unicorn Dash

A colourful game, Uniform Dash puts you in control of a Unicorn you have to make jump over obstacles to try and get a top score.

It is a paid app but if you’re a fan of unicorns then it might be a game you enjoy. You can get Unicorn Dash here.

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