Paninis & PHP: Three Challenges I Faced In My First Dev Project

I’ve tried to fight it over the years, but there’s no use in denying it anymore. My name’s Andy and I am a web geek.

Since February this year, I’ve worked with Rob at Eco Web Hosting to help him find more time to work with on his Udemy courses. If you’re an Eco Web Hosting customer, you may have seen my name before.

If not, hello!

I didn’t come to The Complete Web Developer Course as a complete beginner to web development.

I’d made a few static HTML sites in my late teens and spent the last couple of years working in the hosting industry, though until now, my focus had been mostly on supporting and maintaining the platforms, rather than development on them.

My last job meant I needed to know how to read PHP to an extent, but that extent was the writing of <?php phpinfo(); ?> (this creates a diagnostic PHP page that lets you check various limits and settings in PHP).

I’d never developed a project of my own in PHP though.

Rob had always managed Eco Web Hosting through the customer control panel and directly in the back end database, but there’s only so long a business can grow without an admin system to manage all the data.

It was time for a CRM. Here’s what I’ve learnt from my challenges so far.

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Andy Dunn is a web developing, photo taking, blog writing Wulfrunian based in Cambridge. He can generally be found on two wheels.