Success Story –

D.J. Fluck sent in this testimonial about the amazing website he has created. The site he has built is a great example of what can be achieved building on top of the fundamentals of The Complete Web Developer Course. The web site doesn’t just provide a service for thousands of sports fans but has started to generate some income too! Well done for a great job D.J.!

My name is D.J. Fluck and my partner Kate Thompson and I would like to thank you for your excellent Web Development course on  In late 2015 when we started building, we had a very basic understanding of only HTML and CSS, but thanks to your course, we built a full PHP site, using Bootstrap, JavaScript, Ajax, a MYSQL database for our login system, and secured our site with an SSL certificate.

The concept of is to help connect sports fans in the US and Canada (we’ll be expanding to Europe in the next year or so) with their travel plans to make going to the big game more than just the game, but a full experience.  We provide the user with travel tips to get to the stadium (airfare, public transit, ride sharing), find directions and parking, and most importantly, our hand-picked bar and restaurant choices in the stadium area.  We have a page for each bar and restaurant in our database where users can provide their own reviews and read about the place.

We’ve reviewed 166 stadiums/auto racing tracks and 732 bars and restaurants throughout the United States and Canada and over the last two months where we’ve been advertising on social media, we’ve exceeded 35,000 page views per month.  With our ad campaigns and affiliate marketing programs with Amazon,,, and, we’ve finally started to make a little bit of money with our project and we owe our success to you and your program.

I’m in the process of taking your iOS 10 course right now and our next step is to move into the mobile application world, but I don’t anticipate that happening until sometime in 2018.  I filled out your survey the other day and noted that I’d love to see a short tutorial on sqlite in the iOS 11 course.  I can’t wait to check that out.

Also, feel free to check us out on social media too on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  We’ve started hosting a podcast with our other partner and just completed our 8th episode tonight.

Thanks again,


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Success Story – Jeff Hosler

Starting with small humble projects Jeff Hosler tell how he made his first $1000. He now has a regular income from repeat clients.

jeffhoslerMy name is Jeff Hosler, I have taken several of your courses. The complete iOS 8 Developer Course, Complete iOS 9 Developer Course, and finally the Complete Web Developer course. I had some programming experience from college, but I never actually put anything together. I was hopping between iOS 9 and web developing until I finally decided to stick with web developing.

Your courses are amazing. I never once felt lost, confused, or intimidated. Everything was explained so that anyone could understand what is going on. Rob is very active in the community he created, and there are also other students who will help you as well. Upon completing your course, I made my own website and decided to try out some freelancing sites from advice which I received from your book “How to make $10,000 while learning to code”.

It was very slow, and very hard to find work. Let me be the first to say it is not easy, you are competing with a bunch of other freelancers for even the simplest of jobs. My only advice is to make an appealing website that shows you are a web developer, and to just stick with it. Because I couldn’t find any work, I decided to create my own projects in JS / PHP; and showcased them on my website. I made many things like File Uploading/Sharing, a stat page for a game, and a page that used YouTube API to showcase a channel.

I decided to use two websites to find freelancing work. and Upwork. I made a lot of bids on both sites, and told myself I would stick with whichever one gave me the first job. The first month I really didn’t get any work, despite me bidding $5 or lower. My website was made with bootstrap, and I guess it didn’t stand out much. I changed my website to what it is today, and I immediately noticed that I started getting responses and interviews. I got my first little job at Upwork, and kept using it since.

Once I put a few personal projects on my website I started getting a bunch of little jobs over the course of 6 months. The first few months I was making between $20-$50 a month. Finally I landed a long term freelancing gig that I have been working for for 5 months now. And Finally made  my first $1000 in November.

Since last month, I have landed two more clients, and I couldn’t be happier. I know that I would not be where I am today without taking Rob’s classes. Thank you for these courses, and thank you include in your courses, and all that you do. I am really excited to continue learning to become a better web developer.

I have 3 big clients right now, that use me for day to day work. The first one is Taxheaven, I got hired by them from word of mouth. I knew a guy who is a Full Stack Developer, and he put in a good word for me. My other two big clients I found on Upwork. I personally believe I landed the job by being completely honest about my work and experience. They both posted jobs stating they were looking for a Junior Level Web Developer. I applied, started that I have only been working for a few months, very willing to learn and accecpt new ideas, gave them some sample projects I worked on, and gave them a low bid based on my experience. Taxheaven pays me $20 a hour, the other two pay me $15 and $10 a hour. Which may seem low to a lot of people, but I believe that at the level I am at right now, the price is fair. That is the last bit of advice I can give, bid low, and give the client a honest description of your experience, and what they can expect from you.

Success Story – Aaron Janke

It’s always nice to hear about students who have found a job with the aid of taking a course. Aaron stumbled across a link for The Complete Web Developer Course on Youtube and now works for the company Deep Space Robots.

aaron_jankeMy name is Aaron Janke, and I was one of your students in your Complete Web Developer Course back in mid 2015, and absolutely loved it. Coming from a background in anything but coding, I followed a link from a YouTube ad, and stumbled into your course – how glad I am that I did!
I fought through the material and, sure, it was crazy difficult at times. I never felt, however, that I wasn’t moving forward, wasn’t growing, and my confidence in web development slowly grew. After completing your course, I purchased several domains on that I could use to help me grow and continue learning more about developing, and I sure used them like crazy! Bootstrap landing pages, WordPress sites, MySQL and PHP projects – I couldn’t stop!
Fast-forward a few months to Christmas time last year, and I landed an interview with a startup web development company. He hired me on the spot based on the bootstrap project I built in your course, gave me a full time job, and has been crazy good to me since then. I now have financial freedom, I can work from anywhere (and I mean anywhere – I’ve learned that some places are more easier than others ) and I am now looking at the future in a new way.

I am constantly blown away by how much this industry has changed – and continues to change – me, and I keep coming back to that course I took last year as the foundation for it all. Without a doubt, there is NO way I would be here without your help. Because of this, I wanted to write and say thank you. You are amazing, and I wanted to encourage you and say that what you are doing is making a difference.

Sales and marketing executive.
3rd degree black belt in Taekwon-Do.
Lives at the gym.
Enjoys burgers and cake.
Likes fast cars and lie-ins.

Success Story – Francisco Quintana

There are lots of reasons why people decide to do a online coding course. Some do it just for fun or hobby, some are looking for a change in careers. Francisco decided to take the Complete Web Developer Course to enhance his own career!

francisco quintanaI took the web developer course because of my job in digital marketing. I work on the analytics team. And one of the skills a analytics professional should have is knowing how to program and how the web environment works. I had done the swift IOS 8 programming course and I found it enjoyable so I decided to do this course.
After taking the javascript and jQuery part of the course. I delved deeper into javascript. Your explanations helped me to create a script that helped solve a problem that people were having at the office with one of our daily duties. The problem was that the client’s analytics software couldn’t send the traffic source information to a CRM system. What I did was create a javascript code. That will create a cookie and in that cookie it will store the original traffic source of the user. After that it will send that cookie’s value to the CRM system. I managed to create a reusable piece of code that made our job easier the entire team can use.
Your course taught me about FTP and working with APIs. Our developer team got very busy and completed a task using FTP by the deadline. I mentioned to the project manager that I know how to use FTP. Within 2 hours I had updated the client’s site with the new code and took the workload off our dev team. They were very happy.
Finally our team as been trying to work with Google APIs for quite some time. Most people on the team are marketers not tech people. After taking your course and getting a basic understanding of how to work with APIs. I managed to build a client side web application using one of Google’s API. This web application helped automate a very tedious task of copy and pasting. Our old method we average 3 days to complete these tasks. With the web application now working we got it done in a matter of hours, because now the process is automated.
I work for a digital marketing agency called Jellyfish in the UK. And here are a couple examples of websites I made and I have a new one coming soon.
I am still no expert but I believe I have a solid base to build off.
Tips for future courses:
Keep up the challenges they really make a difference.
Making big projects like the BBC website or the secret diary are really good. Because your building something that you can use in the real world. I find when I build real world projects that I use I learn more.
I know your very busy but I would love to do a course on python from you. Or something related to data science, like SQL, R and of course using python data libraries
I will without a doubt be signing up for more courses from you, like the android course and maybe node.js course you have.
Thanks for everything and keep you the amazing work.

Thanks Francisco! Students will be pleased to know that The Complete Web Developer 2.0 course does now have a new section about Python and more coding challenges!

Sales and marketing executive.
3rd degree black belt in Taekwon-Do.
Lives at the gym.
Enjoys burgers and cake.
Likes fast cars and lie-ins.

Success Story – Fernando Zablah

Fernando and some school friends had a great idea for an educational tool which Fernando created an app for. The app called Piensa Rápido (Think Fast in Spanish) has impressed so much that it is being presented at the International Society for Technology in Education conference in Denver, Colorado on June 26th.

fotoZablahWhen I was a kid I remember seeing a lot of stories in the newspaper about how some 13 year old boy have become very successful by just creating some computer software, and from those days I was getting interested in coding. Even my father also wanted me to learn to code, so I started to look out in my city (that is Torreon, Coahuila in Mexico) for courses, but there were not any courses for learning to code. So I decided to search online and I got interested in a website that with videos they taught you how code iOS apps for a monthly fee. I was excited to start to developing iOS apps, but the language was Objective – C and the only thing that I understand of all the videos in the course was to write the code for a Hello World app. Finally after weeks of frustration of just copying the code from the video and not getting any idea of what I was doing, I dropped the course. I felt useless because I thought that I was going to be good for coding, I thought “Why a 12 year old boy won a ticket to Apple’s WWDC and I can’t even make a simple app?” That was my thought for some years. In 2014 I was watching Apple’s WWDC and they announced their new programming language: Swift, a new and A LOT easier language. I was happy, but I remembered the frustration weeks of trying to learn Objective – C, so I didn’t wanted to give Swift a chance.

My school is in a network of schools that across the country. Every year there is a national competition called “Premio Internacional Bachillerato Anáhuac or PIBA” in which all the schools compete, so you have to present a project for a category that you choose. The one that I chose was “Aprendiendo con la tecnologia” (Learning with technology in Spanish). In this category you have to develop any kind of software in which you help students understand or learn a subject from school. So Pablo Oviedo and Andrés Sagui, two of my friends, entered in this project, Pablo would do the artwork because he is a good drawer and Andrés would do the educational content and I would make the software part. What we decided to do was a quiz game with animations created with Flash CS6, because it required little programming.

We broke up for summer vacation, that project was on hold and we would continue in school, after returning from vacation. In the summer I was bored so I decided to learn Swift, I had heard of a site called Udemy, so I searched for a course of iOS developing with Swift. The first result, with a 75% of discount, was The Complete iOS Developer Course by Rob Percival, the teacher that also created The Complete Web Developer Course the most popular and best reviewed course on Udemy ever. So without thinking it twice I bought the course; best decision I have ever made. After completing only half of the course, I was so confident of what I learned from Rob´s course that I decided to give it a shot and try to create the same Flash project in an iOS app.

When the summer vacation ended and I went back to school the app was half way done, and by January the app called Piensa Rápido (Think Fast in Spanish) was already in the App Store. The app consists of 4 school subjects: science, history, literature, and Formación Católica (Catholic Formation in Spanish) this last one is a subject about the catholic religion, which is the religion that our school taught. When you open the app it shows a lucky wheel which you rotate and will randomly choose one subject. Then you have to choose a female or male character, and finally you would play/answer the quiz. While you answer the quiz, depending if the answer is correct or incorrect the character that you choose will change from running to falling down or jumping of happiness. The app also has a feature that lets you create your own quiz. The school coordinator liked it so much that she told us to enter the same project in an international conference: International Society for Technology in Education. If they liked your project you would present it in the conference. They did liked it, so we are going to present this app in Denver, Colorado on June 26. In March, our computer professor told us that we also have been selected to compete in finals of PIBA, our national school competition, in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mex. By this point, I know that I have become a good developer, also my friend Pablo has been very interested in animating, here is his YouTube channel if someone would like to see his artwork:

So I finally want to thanks Rob, by this point his course have been very helpful, I already completed it and I have begun with the famous The Complete Web Developer Course to see what else I can achieve with it.

Best of luck to you and your friends at the conference Fernando! Have a great time, we know you’ll do well!



Sales and marketing executive.
3rd degree black belt in Taekwon-Do.
Lives at the gym.
Enjoys burgers and cake.
Likes fast cars and lie-ins.