Learn to develop Android and iOS applications and Web Development within six weeks from a teacher with real-world experience. Just $15 if you buy it here!

I'm taking Rob's course with absolutely no prior experience. A good week later it feels like I know HTML and CSS like the back of my hand." — Jonathan M.
Who knew that learning how to start coding was this simple. The course is clear, concise, and loaded with extras!! Thanks a ton! — Raheim Smith
Even when the course gets a bit complicated, there's always the Discussion forum where Rob as well as other students are actively helping each other. This course is not to be missed. — Ingrid S.
Rob is an excellent teacher and uses simple terms of speech all throughout the course. — Ankit Rawat
I have been very impressed with the course material and the crystal clear explanation of concepts. Any beginner who opts for this course will feel enriched at the time of course completion. — Shiva Rajagopal
I'm a Copywriter in a Digital Agency, I was searching for courses that'll help me broaden my skill set. Before signing up for Rob's course I tried many web development courses, but no course comes close to this course. — Shivram
Easy to pick up & quick to get running with, the course has given me a great start into programming. — Peter Greaves

Partner up…

I’m always on the lookout for interesting new opportunities, particularly if you’re in the Cambridge or London area.

I’m particularly focused on educational startups at the moment, but would be happy to discuss working with anyone who has a good idea and a desire to build something great.

Contact me using the social links above or at rob [at]

Hire Me…

I have been a freelance developer for 7 years, hand-coding in PHP 4 & 5 with MySQL, HTML5, Javascript and jQuery. I have built numerous sites and systems from scratch – check out my portfolio for more information. I have also created many WordPress, OS Commerce and Shopify sites, from simple home pages to heavily customised themes and portals.

I have a Mathematics degree from Cambridge University, and taught Mathematics in UK schools for ten years. I’d be a good fit for any role including direct client communication.

My current focus is web apps and mobile HTML5 based apps. I’m particularly interested in educational systems.

If you think I could be of use to you, use the social links above or email me at rob [at]