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I'm taking Rob's course with absolutely no prior experience. A good week later it feels like I know HTML and CSS like the back of my hand." — Jonathan M.
Who knew that learning how to start coding was this simple. The course is clear, concise, and loaded with extras!! Thanks a ton! — Raheim Smith
Even when the course gets a bit complicated, there's always the Discussion forum where Rob as well as other students are actively helping each other. This course is not to be missed. — Ingrid S.
Rob is an excellent teacher and uses simple terms of speech all throughout the course. — Ankit Rawat
I have been very impressed with the course material and the crystal clear explanation of concepts. Any beginner who opts for this course will feel enriched at the time of course completion. — Shiva Rajagopal
I'm a Copywriter in a Digital Agency, I was searching for courses that'll help me broaden my skill set. Before signing up for Rob's course I tried many web development courses, but no course comes close to this course. — Shivram
Easy to pick up & quick to get running with, the course has given me a great start into programming. — Peter Greaves

WSSA Winter Camp

On the 28th and 29th of December 2015 the Washington Student Science Association held a winter camp intended to introduce students to Android and iOS Development. Akkshay Khoslaa an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science student at UC Berkeley was one of the volunteer instructors at the camp held in Seattle, Washington.

FullSizeRender (2)Projected over the next ten years, there will be one million more computing jobs than students enrolled in high schools nationwide. As computer programming is rapidly becoming the world’s most lucrative job market, it is absolutely crucial that today’s youth are given the resources they need to become the leaders of this progressive field. However, there is more often than not a very limited number of computer science courses offered in high schools across the country; and often times school vacation deprives students from educational opportunities.

To target this issue, the Washington Student Science Association (WSSA) decided to hold an affordable and accessible mobile development camp this past December. The goal was to not only teach students how to create relevant mobile applications, but to also show them the importance of mobile development in our time. 17 dedicated participants received over 8 hours of instruction at the camp. Attendees learned about all aspects of mobile development: frontend, backend, engineering, and design. They not only learned how to code in Swift & Java, but also made 2 practice applications!

Several students such as Datta Dave, a sophomore from Mt. Si High School, entered our camp with little to no experience in computer programming. In her words: “The WSSA AppHack camp quickly sparked my interest in coding and helped me gain knowledge for my computer science class”. Datta left our camp with a substantial amount of knowledge surrounding mobile development, and a curiosity for future endeavors within the field.

Thanks to Rob Percival, a sponsor of the WSSA AppHack Winter Camp, students not only had a great resource to refer to during the camp, but also walked away with one of the highest rated Udemy courses on iOS and Android development to continue their education. His courses are now serving as highly valuable learning resources for these students to explore computer science and development.

WSSA would like to thank Rob Percival and Seattle YMCA for sponsoring its AppHack Winter Camp 2015 – Akkshay Khoslaa.


Success Story – Brenden Martin

After completing The Complete Web Developer Course Brenden made a career change from a Marketing Strategist to a Web Developer and has a great story to tell!

brendenI have always wanted to learn code and wanted to make a switch in my career as a marketing strategist to a developer. However, learning to code is difficult. It’s a very broad subject and quite a daunting task to take on. After searching all over the internet and struggling on where to begin or starting a lesson and getting bored because we weren’t building anything or applying our skills, I was getting frustrated. It wasn’t until I found Rob’s course where you could build a ton of websites while learning to code that I finally found a way to learn to code. The lessons were extremely detailed and his hosting solution made launching websites pretty seamless. Step-by-step instruction was incredible with questions answered pretty quickly. Lessons start with the basics and fundamentals then you put it all together and build something in each section.

As I ventured into the new world of web development I wanted to work for a smaller company. I had interviews with companies like Zillow and Microsoft but went through those interviews just for the experience. I wanted to work for a small company that provided a lot of independence and flexibility. I researched local marketing agencies looking for web developers in the Seattle area and came across and loved their mission statement. I contacted them online and shot them an email with a cover letter and also followed up with a phone call, followed them on social channels and engaged with them there. I was invited in for an interview. The interview was with 5 of their teammates, very laid back and questioned me about my coding experience and what I wanted to do professionally. The interview went well as it moved from a conference room to a happy hour event where we got to talk in a more relaxed setting. I was given a code assignment to build a website that was fully responsive with no bootstrap. After researching how to do this and finishing up the project, I turned it in and was offered a job the following week.

Because of this course I am now a Web Developer at a Marketing Agency in Seattle, WA building sites in WordPress, building plugins with PHP, I’ve also launched iPhone apps writing them in html, css and javascript and using a tool called Ionic. The sky is the limit now and there isn’t really anything I cant make…or at least thats how I feel. Thanks Rob Percival for the awesome course and changing my life.

Well done Brenden! We all wish you continuing success in your new career!


Job Opportunities

People who take The Complete Web Developer Course may think the only role available is to go into Web Development. Although the aim of the course is to teach people how to code, a Web Developer role can vary but there are other roles available to students who have an understanding of coding.


Technical Support Engineer

Technology companies normally have varieties of technical support roles such as 1st line, 2nd line and 3rd line support. The first line support roles tend to be an entry level role which leads onto other things.

Web Hosting companies in particular have an interest in applicants that can demonstrate an understanding of internet technologies along with HTML and CSS skills. However, any company that provides an online presence or product tends to advertise for such roles. Just look at the job description from a job board below.


Sales Executive / Consultant

If you have an interest in sales and understand the web technologies and programming languages like HTML, CSS, MySQL etc and can talk to clients not only on a business level but on a technical level then you’ll have a huge advantage over the competition! People with a passion for sales and yet have a technical mind set are quite hard to come by.

Web Technology companies requires sales consultants to sell products from web hosting solutions to software solutions and on the higher scale web server infrastructure and technologies. On the higher scale for these roles do require experience in a related field. Have a look at one of the requirements from a web hosting company recruiting for sales consultants.

sales advisor


Account Manager

An account manager is essentially a sales agent who manages selected portfolios of client accounts. Their job is to grow the account and act as a point of contact for the client and their needs to the organisation of the service provided. Account managers tend to specialise in their specific fields can get involved with some support work as well. Have a look at a job requirement for an Account Manager for a Marketing Agency.

account manager


Web Developer

Creating websites and understanding the technologies behind them is a key skill much in demand. If you search job boards for the term “Web Developer” you’ll be amazed at the number of results and many of them require the skills taught on this course. Take a look at the advert below. If experience is limited then a junior role is a realistic opportunity



Freelance Web Developer

There’s nothing like working for yourself and the E-Book How To Earn $10,000 While Learning To Code which is available for FREE with any of the courses or can be purchased through Amazon, provides some great advice on how to achieve this.  Freelance Web Developers have a great deal of freedom choosing their working hours as contract work is normally based on project work on a contract basis.

Most people like being their own boss as it means they get to decide what hours they work and have a good life / work balance. It does mean you have to apply or bid for the contracts yourself though. The E-Book How To Earn $10,000 While Learning To Code will provide hints and tips on how to source out work and gain experience.

Success Story – Richard Goodman

Well done to Richard Goodman who has started his own web design company!

richardgoodmanAfter successfully working as a developer in “The City” for 25 years, last year I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and had to give up my job. After the surgery, I was at a loss as to what direction to take in the next phase of my career, but it needed to be one where I could work from home, and preferably work for myself.

Then along came Rob’s Web Developer Course – I was scrolling through Facebook, where I normally disregard the adverts, but the Web Developer course ad grabbed my attention. I read further, expecting it to be either too expensive or not much good, but it sounded great and for the money seemed to be a bargain, if it lived up to the promises.
I jumped in and was immediately hooked. I worked through all the projects, then decided I wanted to do the Android course as well. They were both terrific and I learned so much that would have been very difficult to get on my own.
So, here I am now, I have one Android App published, I am working on a second one, plus I have a growing list of about 10 more I want to do. In addition to that, I am starting my own Website design company next week – my site pages are almost complete and looking great, I have my business cards and I’m ready to go.
This is a great new direction, which I am determined to make work for me, and I must give a lot of credit to Rob and the two courses, for their quality, content and quick support where necessary. I couldn’t recommend more highly – as skeptical as I was when I started out!!


We all wish you the best of luck with your new venture Richard! You can check out Richard’s company websites out at and You can also check out his first published Android app on the Google Play store here.


Success Story – Jean-Luc Benazet

Thanks to Jean-Luc for sharing with us his success story.

jean-lucI discovered Udemy a little over a year ago.  At the time, I had been working as an English to French senior translator for a big IT company since the year 2000, and I had also set up my own business as a photographer as a second activity since 2003.

I met Rob Percival in October 2014 through photography, after he hired me to take pictures of his family. That photo shoot became an insight into a brand new world for me after Rob extensively explained the principles of the online courses platform.

I had been unhappy in my day job for over three years and Rob on top of his chit chat about Udemy, wondered why I would stay in a job I did not like for so long just because it was well paid. Surely there were alternative careers to be pursued using languages, my love for web design or photography.

Six months later. In April 2015, my day job position was being made redundant as part of a restructuring exercise, and the decision I had been dreading to make for years was taken for me and I was let go, finding myself jobless for the first time in 15 years.

It was the end of an era, however it felt more like a beginning from then on. I had created a Udemy account right after meeting Rob and had taken advantage of the Black Friday promotion to get myself a few courses to improve my skills set for my photography business: digital marketing, SEO, and social media. Including Rob’s own Web Development course.

Strong from all this e-learning, I did not even think of going to the job centre to get my dole money, instead I embarked on a full time career as a photographer and web designer creating photography websites while still taking Udemy courses throughout 2015 to better my knowledge.

The year went very well. Making me realise that if I had known earlier on in my life how good it feels to work for oneself I would have left my day job a long time ago, or I would have developed my side activity as a business rather than just a hobby. Hindsight is a beautiful thing…

But as the Autumn was drawing in I realised that photography was a very seasonal activity and that I may need to go back to a full time job for the time being to have the security of a monthly pay cheque while still building my business in the wings until it reaches a self sufficient stage.

So I looked at what I could do next as I was not so keen to go back to a translation career with relatively low wages and hardly any room for further personal growth. I was however keen to get more technical and use more coding languages as part of my daily work tasks.

Just as I was pondering my next career move, an agency head hunted me for a French technical support specialist role in a growing company specialising in Internet transactions and payments. They were looking for someone to help their French speaking customers resolve their issues and adapt the company’s e-commerce basket to the look and feel of their website – a very interesting and exciting prospect.

I prepared for my first job interview in 15 years using Rob’s Web development course and more specifically the HTML, CSS and JavaScript sections of the course as I had to solve a small technical riddle for the technical part of the interview.

The interview went well and I was praised for finding a satisfying solution to the technical issue I had to solve. So much so that I was not even asked to come back for a second interview but was offered the job outright! That came as a huge surprise especially as it was the first interview I had had in 15 years, the Udemy courses made me more able to sustain the technical questioning and answer the questions with confidence.

I’m very grateful to the Udemy instructors whose courses I followed and I cannot wait to get stuck into more courses to better myself further.

Well done Jean-Luc!